Price Increasing in 3 Months
Only Accepting 2 New Brands
  1. Social Media Strategy Development – we consult you on an initial and ongoing basis to define the parameters for the best approach to take action with for all the social media content that will be created and distributed.
  1. Social Media Consulting – We take a deep dive on your social accounts and the social accounts of your competitors and we advise you on what positioning you and your brand should take to best align with current and future leads and customers.
  1. Community Management – we help you build and maintain a community or ‘tribe’ that is engaged via groups or social media forums to engage leads, customers and fans long term with another organic–brand owned distribution channel.
  1. Crisis Management – if something should happen like a spike in negative feedback, a brand disaster occurs (rare, but why not be prepared for the unexpected), or whatever else can be defined as a crisis to handle such circumstances in real time and with tenacity.
  1. Measurement & Monitoring – we deliver a weekly report for all engagement, fan growth, lead generation and sales numbers via an analytic report that’s easy to comprehend and explained by an account manager for what happened in that 7 day window and what’s projected to happen next.
  1. Social Listening – we actively monitor all social channels we’re taking on for fan, lead and customer posts and communications via monitoring tools to allow us to stay on top of the social trends and hear what the customer wants next or now.
  1. Social Selling Consulting & Execution – we consult you and your brand on an ongoing basis for what direction, message and content can be created by us internally to allow you to generate leads and sales.
  1. Content Engagement Campaigns (drive traffic to blogs, videos, offers, etc.)
  1. 3-4 High-quality ADS per week during the peak engagement hours for your niche
  1. Account Review & Goal Setting Keyword Research for all digital advertising mediums
  1. Account Structure & Restructure for Facebook & Google ONLY
  1. Text Ad Creation & Optimization
  1. Facebook Advertising Campaign Creation And Consistent Optimization
  1. Remarketing Campaigns And Consistent Optimization
  1. Conversion Tracking And Consistent Optimization
  1. Detailed Performance Reporting And Consistent Optimization
  1. Advertising Campaigns on Facebook & Google ONLY
  1. Maintenance & monitoring every other day for optimization
  1. Strategy and Revenue Development on Facebook & Google ONLY
  1. Branding Campaign and Strategy
  1. Direct Consulting and Mentorship from Athens for Sales Processes and Training for Contextual Follow Up Generated From Ads
  1. Project manager
  1. Content creation for websites, publish, distribution, etc
  1. Actively manage paid social campaigns to the achieve clients’ goals – which may vary from engagement, acquisitions, direct response, reach and frequency, etc.
  1. Custom list building of recently active users in your niche (more detailed and hyper targeted than any form of ad targeting out there.)
  1. Website SEO optimization
  1. Launching and optimizing PPC campaigns
  1. Monitoring budgets and overseeing search platform accounts
  1. Tracking KPIs and producing useful reports for management
  1. Participate in forming effective paid search strategies
  1. Launch and optimize various PPC campaigns
  1. Oversee accounts on search platforms (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing)
  1. Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting
  1. Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI
  1. Track KPIs to assess performance and pinpoint issues
  1. Produce reports for management (e.g. dashboards)
  1. Write attractive and concise copy for adverts
  1. Suggest and develop new campaigns across multiple channels
  1. Maintain partnerships with PPC ad platforms and vendors
  1. Find ways to reduce risk of click fraud
  1. Keep abreast of PPC and SEM trends
  1. Analyze performance data and provide intelligent synthesis, interpretation and appropriate action plans based on conclusions
  1. Maintain a high level of up-to-date knowledge of best practices and strategies in social media and paid social media (betas, ad network updates, innovation opportunities, etc.)
  1. Maintain knowledge of the dynamic digital ecosystem (search, social, native, display) and how channels work together
  1. Assist in development of media strategy and building paid social media plans (including audience targeting and segmentation, messaging, flighting, budgeting, etc.)
  1. Thoroughly understand client’s business strategy, goals and KPIs
  1. Develop, grow, and maintain relationships through exceptional client service
  1. Provide creative guidance to clients, partner agencies, and internal teams to help clients tell their stories
  1. Evangelize the value of paid social media and the best practices
  1. Build effective relationships with all vendors – ad networks, technology partners, etc.
  1. Support and assist in developing team members to optimize their performance, contribution and job satisfaction
  1. Professional College professor copywriter for blogs, articles and press releases
  1. Graphic designers on staff that worked with big brands like Xbox, Disney, and AirBnb
  1. CRM consulting
  1. Custom app development
  1. Customer service rep to monitor all social media platforms to hide comments and ban users in case of foul play, but also to respond to all comments in an engaging manner, giving your brand a voice and personality.
  1. Lead generation and list scraping
  1. Unlimited email marketing campaigns
  1. Unlimited landing page creation & website development
  1. Unlimited press releases
  1. Unlimited social media posting (we’ll create a calendar to have content out 1-3 times every day 24/7, 365)
  1. ISA’s for appointment setting and closing
  1. Psychologist and/or Neuroscientist with either doctorates or Ph.D’s in their respected field for consultation and add a layer of neuromarketing to all strategic intent being developed and deployed.
  1. Celebrity Endorsements
  1. Tv Advertising
  1. Travel Site Advertising