Fractional CMO, Decor Steals

  • Currently leading a comprehensive revenue growth strategy for a home decor brand, successfully increasing monthly revenue from $1.2M to $2M, indicating a robust 67% increase.
  • Strategically enhancing domain authority to boost organic traffic and elevate brand visibility in a competitive market. Implementing speed optimization measures to improve website performance, leading to greater customer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Expanding the brand’s reach by initiating advertising campaigns on new platforms, successfully capturing new customer segments. Casting, copywriting, and directing impactful ad creatives, which resulted in an impressive 8x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of a custom CRM system, optimizing customer relationship management and increasing sales efficiency.

Fractional CMO, Viebeuti,

  • Currently driving an aggressive growth strategy for a client selling on Amazon, successfully elevating two products from 6-figure to 7-figure monthly revenue. Responsible for the successful expansion of a teeth whitening product and an eyelash growth serum, both of which have experienced substantial growth under my guidance.
  • Expertly implemented upsells, “frequently bought together” suggestions, and bundle options, which were previously unexploited, leading to significant revenue increases.
  • Diversifying the client’s presence by launching their products on additional advertising and distribution platforms, broadening their reach and customer base.

Fractional CMO, Zappy Health/CovidCheckToday,

  • Played a pivotal role in transitioning COVID Check Today’s focus from B2C to B2B, securing partnerships with prestigious clients such as HBO, Spotify, Samsung, and Oracle, as well as obtaining substantial government contracts, leading to multiple months of $1M+ revenue.
  • Actively auditing advertising accounts and implementing strategic enhancements, successfully increasing ROI by 3X.
  • Initiated the creation of Zappy Health, a new venture in the telehealth sector, applying neuromarketing principles and utilizing the team’s neuroscience and psychology expertise for effective marketing and copywriting.
  • Led the development and launch of fully optimized websites for both COVID Check Today and Zappy Health, with a focus on speed and SEO, driving increased web traffic and improved conversion rates. Directed the design and implementation of custom CRM systems for both companies, optimizing customer relationship management and boosting operational efficiency.

Fractional CMO, Blue Flame Medical,

  • Key player in the success of Project First Responder Blueflame Medical, America’s largest and fastest PPE supply chain partnership, responsible for spearheading the B2B division for overseas and government contracts.
  • Successfully navigated high-volume mask orders, handling transactions in the hundreds of thousands per order generating multiple months of $2M+ revenue, contributing significantly to the national effort during a critical time.
  • Collaborated directly with high-profile figures such as Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Famer, and Donald Trump, addressing the country’s urgent needs during the peak of the pandemic.