From Addressing The Nation’s Highest Demand On PPE’s Supplies To Stopping Human Trafficking: Here Is The Untold Story Of Athens Ramseyer

From Addressing The Nation’s Highest Demand On PPE’s Supplies To Stopping Human Trafficking: Here Is The Untold Story Of Athens Ramseyer

Athens Ramseyer is the owner of Sciential™. This is the #1 leading neuromarketing agency that operates in the emerging field of neuroscience. The agency has helped thousands of businesses increase their ROI and establish custom connections with their audience through content informed by psychology. Yet aside from being a marketing guru, Athens is actively involved in making positive contributions to the country.

What is Blue Flame Medical?

Athens partnered with John Thomas to set up Blueflame Medical. The company specifically addressed the country’s present shortage of PPE’s. Since January and February of this year, the demand for N95 surged from 400% to 585%, respectively, in the U.S. There’s been a decline in imported PPE’s. Since 80% of this equipment is manufactured in Asia, the country has found itself vulnerable as the country’s hoard PPE’s.

Blue Flame Medical addresses the PPE shortage by actively laying a foundation for one of the country’s largest distributions for PPE supplies and Mike Singletary and Mike Gula. Mike Singletary recently made headlines after getting a shout out from the president on Twitter on July 30th, 2020, at 4:33 p.m. The president mentioned that the Hall of Famer Linebacker is “A Strong man and a really great person.”

Working to End Human Trafficking

Shortly after the president met with Mike Singletary, the Trump administration gave $35 million in grants to help human trafficking survivors. According to the Associated Press, the grants will support 73 organizations in 34 States that provide aid and housing to human trafficking survivors.

Helping out during COVID 19 and saving children from human trafficking are matters that Athens holds close to his heart. According to the FBI, a child goes missing every 40 seconds in America and 30 seconds when looking at it globally. Athens works with political leaders and high-profile celebrities in taking action towards measuring and monitoring the problem of human trafficking and finding solutions.

Athens notes that “This is a time where the nation’s highest demand for immediate attention is PPE Supplies and putting a stop to human trafficking.”

Mike Gula is also an influential player in Blueflame medical as he has raised over $318,000,000 for the republican party throughout his career joining the party. He was a top fundraiser for Johnson and other GOP senators. But the veteran republic fundraiser abruptly changed course so that he could better serve the country.

Who is Ramseyer?

Ramseryer is a versatile entrepreneur who worked behind the scenes when John Thomas was on-air as a political strategist for CNN and Fox News. Athens has also worked with A-List celebrities such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, Airbnb, Dr. Garth Fisher (The Kardashian’s Family Aesthetics Doctor,) Trade-In Tech (Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies,), NFL Running Back Ryan Mathews, Blac Chyna, and so many others. He has engaged in charity events with most of his clients.

Athens true passions lie in philanthropy and charity. He believes that every entrepreneur should find fulfillment in making the world a better place. He used work alongside Ellen Degeneres of Unhide and has since publicly announced never working with her again out of the claims made against her for being on the Epstein flight list.

“I worked with unhide because it stated a positive message towards animal rights but i now realize people of power have these types of companies as buffers to make them seem more credible.” Athens lives by a set of codes, and one of his codes is that one should give a God-damn enough to walk away.

The Ellen Degeneres scandal has kept Athens up at night. He states that when the truth was uncovered, he was exposed to insider information levels that haunted him night and day. He decided to clear his conscience and separate me from all that evil.

Final Thoughts

There is so much that the country is currently experiencing. As such, it is great to see entrepreneurs such as Athens Ramseyer commit their time, talents, and resources to bring about positive changes in society. He points out that this is the best time for us to re-evaluate our priorities and join the fight against the pandemic and save our children.

Featured image used by permission of Athens Ramseyer

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