World’s First Marketing Agency That Requires All Its Clients To Donate

World’s First Marketing Agency That Requires All Its Clients To Donate

“Neuromarketing expert and founder of digital marketing agency Sciential™ Athens Ramseyer is on the front page again as he pioneers another first. Ramseyer took the initiative in requiring all its clients to donate, making a world’s first for his digital marketing agency, Sciential™.

The move put him in the limelight once again. In recent years, Ramseyer has become active in pursuing noble endeavors to set an example for marketing agencies. The digital psychology expert has transformed himself into an advocate of social responsibility. Ramseyer said that he added it to the agency’s onboarding process to realize that charity is suitable for their business.

Catalyst Of Positive Change

Marketers play a vital role in conveying brand messages that persuade people to buy a particular brand. They are responsible for shaping the buying behavior of consumers. Ramseyer is pioneering the concept of turning marketers into a catalyst for positive change. He recently incorporates this concept in his digital marketing agency, which requires his clients to donate and be involved in a social cause.

“As marketers, I think we have the responsibility to spread and promote positive change within our circle, to the community, and on a global scale. Marketers are among the world’s greatest influencers. So, why not use that influence for the common good by cultivating positive change in every way that we can,” Ramseyer explained.

Ramseyer said that right now, the world needs all the positivity it can get to get through the pandemic. “If we use our talents to leave a positive mark on the lives of people, it will add more meaning to our marketing talents. We will feel a sense of fulfillment that we have contributed something for the betterment of our community or the world,” he added. It is an effort to help transform marketing from purely focusing on brands into becoming the change agent of positive change.

Creating New Charities From Scratch

Ramseyer said that the new requirement was a gamble since he is unsure how the clients react to it. But fortunately, he said that it received a positive reception from his clients.

Since adding the requirement, Ramseyer has helped create new charities from scratch. He provides consultation for his clients and teaches them the steps in setting up donation charities. “Millions of people visit their website, so why are we not making more out of it. And tapping its potentials to promote positive change to their visitors by encouraging them to donate for a cause,” he explained.

“We do not let our clients stay in the dark on what charity they will choose. We help them in finding the right charity work that would be contextual to their brand,” Ramseyer explained. He is working off the clock to help them create charities and uses his vast network to get them a partnership with a donation company. The best thing about it is Ramseyer offers his services free of any charge to his clients.

Ramseyer has become a champion of charities and donations. A staunch and tirelessly advocate of corporate social responsibility. Consequently, millions of dollars’ worth of donations have been funneled to social causes that assist many individuals in need. It is an effort that sets an excellent example of how marketers can positively impact the world.

Tips On Creating A New Charity

Ramseyer offers some tips that business owners can do to establish a charity. “First, it is essential to choose the right charity. In other words, you should choose a charity that is relevant to your business. For example, an energy company can select a charity that promotes renewable energy. For every dollar donated will help give free solar panels to poor communities,” Ramseyer.

Ramseyer said that coming up with the right charity requires a lot of research. “You check the social causes that your competitors are supporting. Or you could support social causes that are timely. For example, creating charities that will help healthcare workers and front-liners is very timely. So, you could set up donations to give free PPEs to healthcare workers and front liners,” he said.

Develop a passion for giving to others. “You have to put your heart and mind on that social cause. People can spot if your charity effort is just for the show. And it is not good for your brand’s image. Do charity that you love,” Ramseyer said.

Value Of Charity For Your Business

Ramseyer emphasized that charity and donations can benefit a business in so many ways. “It is good for your brand image and reputation. I have observed that people are less likely to give bad reviews to businesses that support social causes. Consumers are more likely to support those companies,” he added.

Other than positive brand image, Ramseyer also saw that when his clients added charity or donate buttons to their websites, his client’s conversion rate surged by 20% to 30%. Consumers today are more inclined to support companies with a strong purpose other than to earn a profit.

A recent global study showed that consumers are four times more likely to buy from a brand with a strong purpose. And they are more likely to advocate the brand to their family and friends. The survey also revealed that supporting significant social causes is among a brand’s attributes with a strong purpose.

Moreover, supporting a social cause helps boost the morale of employees. “Your employees will feel proud of your business. It has an impact on their productivity because they knew that what they are doing has a higher purpose than profit,” Ramseyer said.

Final Thoughts

Ramseyer wants to leave a mark in the marketing world by pursuing another noble endeavor for the better of American society. Requiring clients to donate or start a charity is an initiative that he hopes other marketing agencies will adopt. He made it a personal mission to champion charity works for entrepreneurs.”

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