Mike Singletary Teams Up with Athens Ramseyer and Blueflame Medical in the Fight Against COVID-19 and Human Trafficking

Mike Singletary Teams Up with Athens Ramseyer and Blueflame Medical in the Fight Against COVID-19 and Human Trafficking

“Statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reveal that a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States and every 30 seconds, globally. Many of these children are victims of deeply seated human trafficking issues. To help save children, former NFL Coach Mike Singletary, who is also the co-founder of The National Child ID Program, has joined forces with digital psychology and neuromarketing expert Athens Ramseyer.

The Hall of Famer coach eventually met with the United States president, Donald Trump, and received a Twitter mention from the president praising Singletary for being “a strong man and a really great person.” Thereafter, news of the Trump administration giving over $35 million in grants to organizations helping human trafficking survivors made it into the headlines.

Mike Singletary with President Donald Trump

Mike Singletary has been working with Blueflame Medical’s John Thomas, Mike Gula, and Sciential™ founder Athens Ramseyer to build one of America’s largest distributors of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the fight against COVID-19. Recently, their focus has extended to efforts in putting a stop to human trafficking.

Mike Gula is the top fundraiser for Johnson and other Republican senators. During his run, he raised a massive amount of $318 million for GOP House and Senate members. Today, the veteran is pursuing endeavors to serve the country better.

John Thomas is the president of Blueflame Medical. He first worked with Athens Ramseyer during his run as a political strategist in CNN and Fox News. Athens is the founder of Sciential™, a digital neuromarketing agency using scientific approaches such as neuromarketing and digital psychology, which looks into the reasons, feelings, and desires that drive purchasing decisions consumers make in their day to day lives. He is also the co-founder of Trade-In Tech, which became part of the 500 fastest-growing companies, which generated over $8 million in revenue in 2018 alone.

Athens Ramseyer finished his degree in psychology at the University of Washington and deep machine learning at Stanford University. His company, Sciential™, is now the rising and leading expert in neuromarketing geared toward attaining global impact. He has collaborated with many famous personalities such as Jordan Belfort, more popularly known as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Dr. Garth Fisher, the aesthetics doctor of the Kardashians, among many others.

Dr. Garth Fisher

Today, Athens is using his expertise in the field of psychology to help Blueflame Medical and Mike Singletary in their collective mission of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and human trafficking.

Having worked with Ellen Degeneres, who is now facing claims for being in Epstein’s flight list, and Emmy Award winner Andre Bauth, who allegedly stabbed another actor after pressuring him into sexual favors, Athens has since publicly announced never to work again with these famous personalities. This is in line with his commitment and dedication to the fight against human trafficking.

Sciential™ founder Athens Ramseyer, together with Mike Singletary, Blueflame Medical’s John Thomas, and Mike Gula are, indeed, embarking on a massive undertaking to help make a difference in today’s world. While fighting the pandemic at hand, this group of brilliant minds is also advancing the pressing issue of human trafficking, which has been a global pandemic in itself for too long.

Through Sciential™, the world will have the opportunity to understand how the genius behind neuromarketing and digital psychology can help advance essential societal causes today. Learn more about Athens Ramseyer of Sciential™ Neuromarketing Agency by visiting the company’s official website. ”

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